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Campaign details:

During the campaign period, exclusive coupon codes will be given to Affiliates. Simply share the coupon codes to your referrals to get their free UnionPay Prepaid card (priced at 19 USD).

◆ Campaign period ◆
From June 17, 2019

◆ Promo mechanics ◆
Users need to open an imove account via GiraffeClick
UPI Card can only be used in imove account
Users need to enter the exclusive code on the card application page

How to start


Login to your GiraffeClick account


Go to “Promotion” and click “Banner and Links”.
Select “Coupon” from "Banner Type", and click "Apply".


Get a coupon code, like the one shown, "XXX-XXX-XXX" and send it to your users with the imove referral link.


You can check the referrals history and usage of coupon codes are displayed under "Commission”.


Can anyone join the campaign?

This applies to affiliates who are registered in our GiraffeClick company.

After I introduced the customer to imove, how can I be linked?

Through the imove’s referral link issued by our system, the user who you introduced will automatically be linked under your referral bracket when the application is completed. Please also note that a referral link is unique for every affiliate.

How many cards can be free during this campaign?

Currently, 2,000 cards are available for the campaign. The campaign will end as soon as the stock runs out and you will be notified a week before it concludes. If there are cards applied during the promotion period but exceeding the quantity of 2,000 cards that we have allocated for this campaign, we will still provide it to the users who used the coupon code.

Will the referral link and coupon code be invalid after the campaign is over?

The referral link is still available. However, the coupon code will not be valid for redemption of free UPI Prepaid card after the campaign is over. We will notify you one week before the end of the campaign.

Will affiliates get double lifetime commission for the transactions of referred users during the campaign period?

No, commission will not be doubled during the campaign. The affiliate commission will occur for a lifetime, provided that your referrals who upgraded to either Business or Personal account will continuously process commission-covered transactions within the imove system.

Among the UPI Prepaid card-related transaction types, is it only the card load that will generate a commission?

Yes. A UPI Prepaid card loading fee is 1.8% of the loaded amount (Minimum of $10). 15% of which ($1.5 if $10) will be generated as a commission.

Since the user I introduced has already applied for a UPI Prepaid card, can he/she use the coupon code to apply for another one for free?

One imove user can only apply for one UPI Prepaid card. Users who already own a UPI Prepaid card in imove will no longer be eligible to apply the coupon code for the existing card or for another card.

Can the coupon code be distributed and used for a limited number of times?

There is no limit to the number of usage, and it can be used by any of your referred user during the campaign period.

With using the coupon code, is it sure to get a UPI Prepaid card for free?

The coupon code is only a campaign that allows your referrals to avail of the UPI Prepaid card for free. However, the card application is still subject to our card issuer’s review of the submitted personal information (Proof of Identity and Address). Hence, the card will be issued depending on the result of the review.

Is it applicants who have to log in to their imove and enter the coupon code?

Yes. Please provide the coupon to the user who you want to introduce to imove. Once the user already has an imove Personal or Business account, he or she only needs to enter the coupon code during the UPI Prepaid card application process in the imove system to avail it for free.

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