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Service Description:
imove is an online wallet for individuals and small businesses specializing in global payments; which can handle both fiat currency and cryptocurrency.
Online payments are made simpler and easier compared to those processed in banks. 
This service offers the best deposit and withdrawal payment methods to fit the needs of its global clients.

1. Supports most popular Fiat and crypto currencies
2. Free currency exchange using the best rates
3. International remittance is easy and smooth
4. Convenient to use for cross-border transactions
5. A variety of functions available for your business with imove

Performance fee (lifetime): [1 tier 15% 2 tier 5%] of transaction fee


  • When one business account user has processed 20 internal transfers within imove worth USD100/transaction for a month:
    • 1 tier reward: 100USD×0.2%×15%×20 times=0.6USD
    • 2 tier reward: 100USD×0.2%×5%×20 times=0.2USD
  • When one business account user has processed a USD1,000 bank transfer withdrawal twice in a month:
    • 1 tier reward:50USD×15%×2 times=15USD
    • 2 tier reward:50USD×5%×2 times=5USD
  • ※ Since the minimum withdrawal fee for every transaction is 50USD and USD12.5 (1,000USD x 1.25%) is less than USD50, so the value is calculated at $50.

  • When one business account user has made a USD1,000 card loading transaction, only once for a month:
    • 1 tier reward:1,000USD×1.8%×15%×1 time=2.7USD
    • 2 tier reward:1,000USD×1.8%×5%×1 time=0.9USD
  • When one user has upgraded to a business account (one-time reward):
    • 1 tier reward:10USD
  • Monthly maintenance fee of one business account user:
    • 1 tier reward:5USD×15%=0.75USD
    • 2 tier reward:5USD×5%=0.25USD

Monthly reward: 35.4 USD

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