An Affiliate Service Provider

About Giraffeclick

Giraffeclick is an affiliate service provider that enables individuals and corporations to join and be part of the affiliate program for free.
If you have a blog, a website, or social media accounts where you can advertise our partner services, you can easily be an affiliate.

Features of GiraffeClick

Lifetime Commission

Giraffeclick offers a lifetime commission system. This allows you (an affiliate) to get commissions, as long as the clients you refer continue to trade in our partner services.
Commission comes from fees associated with trading transactions. This allows you to get long term rewards from the transactions of your referrals, as they continuously trade.


If you introduce 100 traders who buy and sell 1.0 BTC each month:

Exchange fee: 1 BTC x 0.35% = 0.0035 BTC
1 tier reward: 0.0035 BTC x 15% x 100 people = (approximately 210USD)
2 tier reward: 0.0035 BTC x 5% x 100 people = (approximately 70USD)

If you introduce 100 traders who buy or sell 5.0 BTC each month:

1 tier reward: 5 BTC x 1 pips x 100 people = 500 USD
2 tier reward: 5 BTC x 0.25 pips x 100 persons = 125 USD
※ Calculated by 1 bitcoin = $ 3,930

Our rewards program offers relatively higher returns, compared with other affiliate programs in the market.
Advertiser/partners, should only promote services related to Giraffeclick. In return, advertisers are eligible to get high rewards.

2 tier

By refering affiliate partners, you will receive rewards comparable to your affiliate referral. Please see each program for specific commissions.

Multi-lingual support and user-friendly interface

We have a dedicated team that supports several languages, such as English and Japanese.
The interface of the partner services are also available in several languages, and is easy to use.

Benefits of Giraffeclick

Offers higher rewards + lifetime commissions compared to the industry average

Since the Affiliate Program comes in 2 tiers, aside from referring users, you can also refer affiliate partners, and have them introduce users of our partner services. As your referrals trade (user), and refer (affiliate), you will be able to receive commissions.

Some users dislike URLs embedded with affiliate tags. However, we provide various functions that enable affiliate partners to easily advertise, for example URLs that users cannot identify as affiliate links.

Exclusive services are also available for users who signed up using the affiliate links.
i.e. free prepaid cards, bonus reward for opening an account, etc.