An Affiliate Service Provider

Campaign details:

Upon introducing a subaffiliate, a $5 commission would be paid out.

In addition, the affiliate will also get an additional $1 as a 2nd tier when the subaffiliate introduces another affiliate.

◆ Campaign period ◆
From June 10, 2019 to September 9, 2019

◆ Participation conditions ◆
Anyone can participate.

◆ Payment of commission ◆
The final tally will be done on the 23rd of September with a tally period of 2 weeks from the date that the campaign has ended. An affiliate may not be eligible if the conditions below were not met.

Payout details will reflect on the "Commission Report" in our affiliate system within 2 weeks from the final payout date.

◆ Conditions to get commission ◆
1 The Subaffiliate must have an “upgraded” imove account.
2 The Subaffiliate should be active by participating in the imove affiliate program
(A banner or link is considered an activity if it achieves 10 or more clicks)

How to start


Login to your GiraffeClick account


Go to “Promotions” and click on “Banners and links”. Then, click on "Affiliate referrall campaign program" then "Apply".


The banner list for the corresponding campaign is displayed.Please select your preferred banner or link and start activities.


If the introduction is successful, you can check the list of affiliate referrals by clicking “Signup subaffiliate" on the top right hand side of the page and click "Tree of Affiliate".


Do I need to apply for an imove account to be an affiliate?

The commission will be paid to the imove account, so it’s important to have one. You can apply for the imove account here and make sure to upgrade it.

I have an imove account. How can I register it to my affiliate account?

You can register your own imove account number in our system. Please try the following method.Log in to our system, click "Profile", click "Payment details", and save the account number in "imove account number".

Can you let me know how to use the imove service?

We use the affiliate program to introduce products and do not sell directly. For inquiries regarding the imove service, please contact the imove support center directly.

Is the commission currency only in US Dollars?

Yes. Currently, commissions are paid via US dollars.

How many subaffiliates can I refer?

There is no limit for subaffiliate referrals.

My referrals are not displaying in the affiliate tree. What should I do?

Since the affliate URL is a parameter link, applications should be tagged correctly. Incorrect usage may result to error in recording affiliate data.

■ This site introduces products using an affiliate program and does not sell directly. For product inquiries, please contact the dealer directly.
■ Articles on this site are written based on personal subjectivity and are not meant to apply to everyone. It is your responsibility to make a final decision on purchasing a product or service or participating in a campaign. We are not responsible for any problems that may arise from using this site. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

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